#PlaylistProject [Things I Wish I Could Tell You] – Fools


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“Only fools do what I do.”




Recommended song : Troye Sivan – Fools

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Ian might seem like he is the child in the group (well, actually three out of five are the children of the group, except Josie and Alex) with his bubbly and playful personality. There is no single day without him causing a ruckus, mostly with Samantha and sometimes Raymond too if the oldest is in the “half drunk-half silly” mode. Well, little did everyone know, Ian likes to observe people around him secretly. Not in the creepy way, but he just wants to understand people well so he knows what to do and how to treat them.

For example, he notices that every time Alex meets a woman, he will stare at the face first for approximately four seconds before his eyes slightly trailing down to their boobs and secretly stares at them for a good six seconds. Even Samantha who’s the closest with Alex don’t know about this dirty little fact. Oh, and also, Alex is secretly fanboying over Kate Winslet and he watches Titanic like maybe hundreds times only to re-watch that “draw me like one of your French girls” scene. What an unexpected pervert.

Ian also knows that Raymond is pretty emotional and the hidden reason why he always refuses to watch romance and family-themed movie is because he is a softie at heart. There was one time when five of them decided to sleepover Josie’s place and they watched Paper Towns. Ian noticed that Raymond’s hawk eyes was glassy and tears were threatened to fall down on his cheeks when it came to the ending of the movie, where Margo decided to not going back home with Quentin. Almost a week after that Ian stole his phone and he accidentally found out a folder full of pictures from Tumblr with Paper Towns quotes written on it.

Josie is the one who’s easily being read by Ian because- Boy, this girl is way too obvious. Even if she’s known as the softest person among them all, Ian knew that the said girl is secretly likes to read internet fictions about psycho, murder, mental disorder, suicide, and all those gross gory stuff while eating pizza or tacos. To be honest it really creeps the shit out of him because he has those wild imaginations about what if those unhealthy fictions already took control over Josie and one day she starts to murder them one by one and no one knows if the murderer is her because she looks so innocent and vulnerable like a flower petal.

Samantha is also one who’s easily to read even though she’s just as unpredictable as Ian himself. And recently, the raven-haired boy has been noticing her habit. She is not smoking for the last month. And she eats fruit salad everyday. Well okay, it’s fucking healthy but it’s just something that Ian never really expected from the hazel-eyed girl.

This Friday they decided to sleepover Samantha’s place and Ian came the earliest. Josie said in the group chat about an hour ago that she and Raymond would go to the convenience store first to buy them snacks (another surprise, unlike the usual whenever they had sleepover, Samantha didn’t ask them to buy her beer), while Alex and his fussy manner is already expected to be the latest because he probably planned to bring the whole house.

Ian has been eyeing Samantha who seems really busy in kitchen, preparing a bowl of fruit salad and topped it with plain yogurt. “Since when you eat salad?” Ian asks, pretending to be clueless while propping his chin with his left hand.

“Don’t know,” Samantha shrugs, joining Ian in the dining table and looking up at him slightly with “you want some?” stare. Ian only takes a sliced strawberry then shakes his head.

“You’ve never eaten salad before,” he states while wincing at the sour taste of strawberry that spreads all over the surface of his tongue. “And honestly, I’ve noticed that this month you’ve never smoked anymore. Want to be Gwyneth Paltrow or something?”

“Is it wrong to be healthy?”

“No, but it is weird if Samantha tries to be healthy.”

“Can’t someone make a change for their life?”

“Yeah, but you’re well-known already for being fucking unhealthy with high-risk of dead of being shot by cops after vandalizing the whole town- Hey, don’t you dare to hit me!”

Samantha snorts. “I’m stressed, I guess.”

“Usually people being more unhealthy when they’re stressed,” Ian frowns. “And you’re just… The opposite?”

The younger girl nods. “Because if I keep being unhealthy, I’ll die soon.” “Well, I’d rather you’re stressed for the rest of your life so you can stay healthy.” And this time, Samantha kicks Ian under the table but the boy only laughs his ass off.

“Okay, but seriously, Sam. Why?”

“I’m stressed. That’s all.”


“Not your business.”


“Stop asking me why.”


“For the love of God, please-”

“Why? Why? Why?”

Samantha groans as she prays to God or whatever is above to not lose her shit right now or she might smack Ian down on the floor and break his neck. “Promise me not to laugh.”


“Stop asking me why or I’ll kick you out.”

“Okay. I’m not going to laugh. I’m not going to ask you why.”

She takes a deep breath, munching on a blueberry before stating,”I like someone.”

“Will you kick me out if I ask who?” Ian tilts his head and Samantha wonders if this boy is really 18.



“Don’t laugh, still.”



“Parker? You mean Raymond?” Ian’s mouth slightly opens ajar before he closes it again. “I still can’t ask why?”

“Okay, you can ask,” Samantha leans back on the chair.

“Why do you like him? I know he’s handsome and hot and strong but he’s stupid.”


“I recommend you to like Alex because he’s being called Prince Charming for many reasons. He’s smart, he’s nice, he’s also rich, he’s well-matured, he has a manner of prince, and his look is not so bad.”

“You want to hear my reason or not?”

“Okay, I’ll shut up.”

“Well, I also don’t know why. Maybe because I’m just comfortable with him already or so…?”

“Ha, sometimes what comforts you also kill you, Dear.”

Samantha frowns at Ian’s words, while the boy grins a silly grin. “I mean, he could break your heart or hurt your feelings or something.”

“Oh,” the girl nods, taking one last spoonful of her salad. “I knew that.”

“Than why do you still like him?”

“Maybe because I’m a fool.”

“You are literally a fool, especially in Chemistry and I regretted it for being your lab partner for a semester when we were on second grade.”

“You are literally someone I really want to kill.”


Ian almost grins but his smile soon fades after he caught a glint of sadness in Samantha’s hazel orbs. She never looked so sad like this before. “Hey, don’t be so sad.”

“What? Who’s sad?” Samantha tries to scoff a laugh, but failed anyway because this is Ian she’s talking with. “Fuck, okay. I’m sad. Fucking sad and pathetic and idiotic.”

“It’s okay to like someone, however,” Ian says. “But to stay admiring them even if you know it’ll hurt yourself is not okay. Sam, you are a wild soul that deserves to be happy.”

Samantha only let out a huff, burying her face on the table. Ian folds his arms in front of his chest, then speaks again,”But, it’s up to you, after all. It’s all about choices. We’re big kids, it’s time for us to make our own decision for our life.”


“So? It’s your choice, whether you want to stay even if it tortures you, or you want to just let him go. If you let it go, it’ll hurt you at first, but as time goes by, the time itself will heal you.”

“Wow, you seem to know a lot about being in one-sided love.”

“Of course, I’m a fucking master.”

“You must ever experienced it by yourself.”

“Yeah, maybe-” Ian’s chuckle being cut off by the sound of Samantha’s bell ringing. “-oh, they’re coming! It must be Josie and Raymond!”

Both walking to the front door, and right before Ian opens the door for Josie and Raymond, Samantha looks at him and shrugs,”Well, Dude… I think I’m going to stay admiring him since I’m a fucking fool.”






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