#PlaylistProject [Things I Wish I Could Tell You] – Colors


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“You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece.”




Recommended song : Halsey – Colors

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Alex can’t forget about how he met the other four years ago.

He met Raymond when the alpha was being punished for getting into a fight with the other students. That time Alex was on the first grade of junior high school while Raymond was on the second grade. Until then, Alex was the only one who knows the real reason why Raymond lost his self-control and landed a punch on the other boy’s face. Raymond was only tried to stand for a first grader girl who was being bullied by the boy.

He met Ian and Josie at the same year, who were being his Science classmates. Ian and Josie have been friends since they were eight, that’s why they have the strongest bond in the squad. Alex still can’t forget about how rowdy eleven years old Ian was and how frustrated Josie because Ian always insisted to convert the two-goody-shoes Josie into the rebellious one.

And when he met Samantha, the youngest girl probably was the one who left the most unforgettable impression in Alex’s head. He had to admit that Samantha isn’t as pretty as Josie, but Samantha has something in her that always makes Alex feel something different whenever he saw her or whenever she was around.

Samantha is a brat by nature. Raymond is much stronger than her but he’s not as bold as Samantha. Her head is always full of curiosity and she’s not afraid to do anything for the sake of her curiosity, even if it could kill her. Samantha also isn’t the type of girl who easily caught guy’s eyes. Unlike Josie, even though the blonde girl is reserved and calm, but she could easily make guys fall head over heels.

Alex once asked Josie a question. “Joan, what do you call if there’s someone who’s unattractive to most people and we could easily see all of they flaws, but they always make us feel something different?

Josie remained silent for seconds, while tapping her index finger on her chin. She turned to Alex and said only two simple words. “An art.

Why art?

“Because an art wasn’t supposed to look nice,” she said, quoting a popular quote. “An art also wasn’t supposed to perfect.” She smirked slightly at Alex. “An art supposed to make you feel something. And only some people could understand it, despite all its flaws and imperfection.

And maybe Josie was right. Samantha is an art. She isn’t flawless. She is imperfect. She’s not the type of woman every guy dreamed of, nor the daughter every mom wanted you to marry. But to Alex, her presence always made him feels something different, something that the other people couldn’t understand.

Samantha is an art made of sparks of hundred colors. It’s abstract, it’s chaotic, yet interesting and makes you had the urge to see it closer to find the meaning behind.

Maybe that’s why Alex always had the natural instinct to look after Samantha, no matter how many times the said girl teased him with the word ‘over-protective’.

He’s only afraid.

He’s afraid that he’ll lose the art that he loved the most.






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