#PlaylistProject [Things I Wish I Could Tell You] – Infinity


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“How many nights does it take to count the stars?”




Recommended song : One Direction – Infinity

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If there’s a person for Samantha to talk to, it would be Josie. She’s the closest to Alex but sometimes Alex is just too ignorant over small things such as love. She knows Josie would down for stuffs like this because of her motherly nature. And here’s Samantha, laying down on Josie’s bed with the owner laying down beside her as well, staring at Josie’s ceiling that was decorated with glow-in-the-dark stars.

“It may sounds stupid but I have a crush on Raymond,” Samantha says straightforwardly. Josie huffs knowingly. Things like this would be frustrating for girls, even for Samantha.

“I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I couldn’t help,” she says again. “I just blindly like everything about him, even when he farts on Ian’s face and asks Alex about pigeons’ feelings.”

Josie slightly chuckles at Samantha’s words. “It’s a normal thing for us to have a crush on our close friend,” she comments. “But it’s our own choice to confess or remain still as friend.”

“I should stay as his friend, just like what it’s supposed to be,” Samantha replies. “But the feelings get worse as time goes by, it starts to suffocate me.”

She closes her hazel eyes for awhile, deeply inhaling the lavender-scented air of Josie’s room. “I wish that it would be only a phase.”

“What makes you think Raymond won’t like you?” Josie asks the younger girl.

“Nah, you know how much of a softie he is,” Samantha rolls her eyes. “He might look tough but he only has a heart for a girl with cute and soft appearance. I’m clearly the opposite.”

“That’s why he dated Ashley,” Josie says, making both of them laugh like mad women. If Raymond sees this, he’s probably crying because- Damn! That chick was one of his worst nightmare from his past.

“Seriously, none of us could get over with the fact he ever dated that goddamn chick,” Samantha laughs.

“I wonder how she’s been right now,” Josie adds, making Samantha scoffs.

“She’s probably going down on prostitution field.”

“Sam! That’s not really nice.”

“If not, she’s probably making sextapes with her sugar daddy or keeps changing boyfriends like changing panties.”

“You and your wild imagination seriously need helps.”

“But that’s why Raymond liked her! She looked cute. Or maybe tried to look cute.”

“Our alpha is a sucker for cutesy things, Sam.”

“I know it.”

If you know that Raymond actually has a crush on you, Samantha says to herself. She doesn’t understand why the other girls would hate the girl that their crush has his heart for. Because she doesn’t feel like hating Josie at all. Yes, she admits that the fact Raymond likes Josie makes her heart clenches slightly, but it doesn’t make her all jealous and butthurt.

Samantha changes her position, now laying her head on Josie’s belly, which makes her feels like leaning on her own mother. She still staring up at the stars on the ceiling, sighing deeply to herself as she mutters,”How many nights does it take to count the stars?”

“What?” Josie asks.

“That’s all the nights that it takes for me to wonder if that asshole likes me back.”

“Wow, that was sad and philosophical at the same time,” Josie comments.

“Joan, sing for me.”

“What? Why?”

“Sing for me so I can feel better.”

“Okay, but what song?”

“Whatever that tells about being in one-sided love.”

“You’re so pathetic, Sam,” Josie says, getting up to get her guitar.

Samantha wasn’t expected her to sing Jordin Sparks’ song entitled ‘Next to You’ because, damn. It was the sad one. Really sad and hopeless, to be honest. But Samantha doesn’t really care. She enjoys Josie’s guitar playing and her velvety voice.

“Feeling better?” Josie asks by the end of the song.

“No. Sing me another song, Mom,” Samantha requests. “You know that one song by One Direction?”

“One Direction has many songs, Dear.”

“Infinity? I think that’s the title.”

“I know it. You want me to sing it for you?”

“Yes, please. I need to be all emotional at the exact moment.”

“You’re weird,” Josie snorts, but sing the requested song anyway while Samantha is letting her own thoughts drifting her away. Maybe, just maybe… She should try being realistic and face the truth, even if it hurts herself.






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