#PlaylistProject [Things I Wish I Could Tell You] – This Must Be My Dream


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INTRO | Heart Out




“Let me tell you ’bout this girl.”




Recommended song : The 1975 – This Must Be My Dream

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Is it just Raymond or lately Josie has been more caring towards him? God knows how awkward it is between those two, but lately it seems like the table has turned and things has slowly changed.

Usually, Josie will ask Alex if she needs help with her preparation for enrollment test, but lately she often asks Raymond. And whenever Josie needs someone to talk to, she’ll go to Ian for sure because that boy could be a amazingly right person to talk even though his advice doesn’t really help. Instead, it makes you want to smack his face. But these days, Josie often talks to Raymond and ask for advice even for the littlest thing. Also, Josie always comes to Samantha whenever she needs someone to hang out with. Again, it’s already four times when Josie asked Raymond if he could accompany her to grab coffee at the nearest Starbucks or strolling around to buy random junk food.

Well, Raymond can’t lie if he’s not frustrated. The fact that he ever had a silly crush on Josie and the fact that lately that peculiar feeling is coming back again makes him both confused and scared. He scared if that’s going to ruin their friendship. Josie is a good friend and he doesn’t want to lose her over stupid little thing.

At times like this, Raymond knows where to go to talk it out. Precisely, who to go.

“You what?” Samantha raises an eyebrow at Raymond. “You have a crush on Josie?”

“Kind of,” Raymond says. “And please don’t blurt it out at them or I’m going to cut your head off.”

“No, you came to the right person,” Samantha pats her own chest with smug looking on her face. “Since when you started feeling like that?”

“Actually I’ve ever had a crush on her before-“


“Shut the fuck up, will you?!” Raymond hisses as he put a hand on Samantha’s big mouth.

“Okay, okay, sorry,” Samantha smiles innocently. “So, you’ve ever had a crush on her before?”

“Yes, but it was when we were on middle school. And I just brushed it off because I felt it’d ruin our friendship.”

“And then that one chick named Ashley came…” Samantha says playfully while Raymond groans in frustration.

“Come on! Don’t bring it up again, Sam!” he says, his face red in embarrassment.

“Oh, Ray… But she was hot for a 13 years old girl, though…” Samantha laughs wholeheartedly. “I still can’t forget about how big her boobs was.”

“For God’s love, please stop.”

“And I still can’t forget when me and Ian hid only to see you guys making out at the basketball court- Holy shit.”

Samantha laughs hysterically while yelps in pain when Raymond tries to attack the mischievous girl with pillow on her couch. “Say one of those shits again and I’m not going to consider you as my friend anymore.”

“Fine, fine.”

“Come on, Sam. This is insane. I don’t want to fall in love with my own friend!” Raymond ruffles his hair in frustration, ignoring Samantha’s ‘hey don’t do that your hair looks good’.

“Then just try to brush it off,” Samantha shrugs. “You know? Like you did before.”

“It’s not as easy as you think,” Raymond huffs. “You’ve never been in love before, haven’t you?”

Samantha snorts. “I am in love with someone right now, you butt.”

“Huh? Seriously? Samantha is in love with someone?” Raymond chuckles as if Samantha just told him a joke. “I thought you were asexual.”

“You’re seriously an asshole,” Samantha grumbles.

“Who’s that poor boy?” he teases.

“You don’t want to know, though,” Samantha looks away. “I bet you’re going to have a heart attack if I tell you.”

“Okay, back to my case,” he says.

“Just brush it off, okay? Try to ignore that stupid feeling. Just like what I do.”

“To that poor boy?”



“Because he would never notice me and see me more than just his bratty buddy.”

“Is he one of us?”

“You don’t want to know.”

Samantha takes one of her cigarettes and lit it up, filling her lungs with the poisonous substance. Raymond mumbling something about ‘cigarette is bad for your health, kid’, but that wasn’t on her main focus right now.

“Do you think she’ll like me back?” Raymond asks.

“I don’t know. But there are facts that you probably forgot,” she says. “First, you say Josie asks for your help with her enrollment test, rather than asking our smart-ass prince Alexander. That could be denied by the fact that you’re the only one that’s already did the enrollment test.”

Raymond blinks at her few time before muttering,”Shit, you’re right.”

“Second, Josie often talks to you and ask for your advice instead come to Ian,” she let out a huff of white smoke full of nicotine and carbon monoxide. “That still could be denied by the fact that lately Ian is pretty busy practicing for his band performance for our prom night.”

Raymond leans back at the couch, looking at Samantha who’s idly playing with the loose strand of her shirt. “It’s impossible for Josie to like me back, right?”

“It’s possible if it was in your dream, Dude.”

“Why am I so dumb?”

“You’re literally the dumbest among us, Ray.”

“And you’re literally the one I’m going to kill first if we were on survival game.”

“Wow, thanks a lot, ‘Buddy’.

“Shut up. You know I love you,” Raymond grins as he messes with Samantha’s tangled hair. Samantha smirks in response as she looks up at the ceiling of her living room.

Little did Raymond know, he’s literally coming to the wrong person to talk to. He came to talk about the girl he has a crush on, to the other girl that secretly has a crush on him.






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