#PlaylistProject [Things I Wish I Could Tell You] – Intro





“My mind is always thinking of you, more than my heart does.”




(the playlist here)


What is friendship?

“My family.” -Ian

“They’re like stars. Even though they’re far away but you know they’re always there.” -Alex

“Friendship is like a home for me. No matter how far I go, I will always comeback to them.” -Samantha

“Something you can never take away from me, or there will be nothing left in me.” -Raymond

“Something hard to get and impossible to forget.” -Josie


Ian, Josie, Samantha, Alex, and Raymond.

Five youngsters with five different personalities were being tied in one bond named ‘friendship’.

For years, they’ve been sharing both laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, trouble and luck.

But what if one day, that crazy little thing called ‘love’ came in between them?

Would they just brush it off or over-think about it?

Would it change everything and makes things complicated?

Would it bring their friendship downhill?

People said there shouldn’t be a secret in a true friendship, but still… There are some things they wish they could say, there are some secrets they wish they could confess, but unfortunately, they couldn’t.


“It’s all about choices.

We’re big kids, it’s time for us to make our own decision for our life.”

“But if the choice would only ruin our friendship,

I’d rather stay silent.”

“I like him and he likes her,

maybe I should know my place

and stay in my fucking lane.”

“I don’t care if you like me or not,

call me selfish bastard,

but I like you more than you ever thought.”

“Let’s keep that feeling for later, okay?

We’re just kids who know nothing about falling in love.

Let the time gives us the answer.”


-s t a r r i n g-




Shane Ian Harper | 18 | Aquarius | O | 185 cm

The sunshine of the squad (like literally, sunshine.).

The tallest among his friends.

He comes from a broken-home family.

He’s the type of person who will spray-paint chicks just because their yellow leather looks boring.

Sometimes he’s too childish and innocent, the others are wondering if he’s probably a five years old trapped in a body of grown-up teenager.

Friendly, loyal, bubbly, honest, and original.

But also unpredictable, stubborn, mischievous, spontaneous, and sometimes unemotional.

His hobbies are playing guitar and piano, listening to music (mostly folk/indie, Pop, and alternative rock), and singing like a dying whale.



Alexander Trevor Lee | 18 | Virgo | A | 177 cm

The prince charming of the squad.

And nobody expected him to be such a nerd.

Josie and Samantha secretly fangirls over him.

If he’s not in the squad, it’s probably broken up in no time because Ian and Samantha are too busy to bicker over what is the best ’90s cartoon.

He’s like Samantha’s babysitter and Ian’s dad.

Modest, intelligent, reliable, wise, and also thoughtful.

Fussy, insecure, overcritical, conservative, and skeptical.

His hobbies are watching movies (sci-fi, action, and fantasy), reading books (he’s a hardcore fan of J.K. Rowling and Veronica Roth), and wondering if he should put Ian and Samantha in mental institution.



Samantha Claire Evans | 18 | Sagittarius | B | 170 cm

The bad-ass of the squad.

The youngest yet doesn’t look like one.

Smokes cigarette and drinks beer.

Becomes really childish whenever she’s with Ian.

Freedom-loving, optimistic, fearless, honest, and philosophical.

Yet also careless, wild, superficial, irresponsible, and strong-minded.

Her hobbies are playing video games, watching action movies (sometimes also anime), and picking on Ian.



Leonard Raymond Parker | 19 | Aries | AB | 181 cm

The alpha of the squad.

He’s the oldest and strongest in the squad (that’s why the others considered him as the alpha).

He looks like a wolf but has a heart of puppy.

Adventurous, energetic, confident, kind, and good-humored.

Selfish, quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, and cunning.

His hobbies are playing basketball, boxing, and throwing stupid questions at Alex such as ‘does pigeons have feelings?’ or ‘could we invent a technology that makes us being able to talk with leaves?’.



Joan Sierra Bertrand | 18 | Taurus | B | 165 cm

The fairy mom of the squad.

Has the strength of 80 years old grandma.

Unlike Alex who’s naturally a smart-ass, she’s more like a high achiever (but not the over-ambitious one).

She’s very good at cooking that sometimes she prepares lunch for the others.

Very patient, reliable, generous, loyal, and determined.

But also inflexible, greedy, lazy, pessimistic, and sometimes possessive.

Her hobbies are reading fictional books (she likes Rainbow Rowell and John Green the most), singing, playing guitar, and trying to shove her guitar down Ian’s throat because he’s trying to ruin her solo concert with his horrible voice.





-the story begins here

Notes :


I’m back with (probably) the biggest project I’ve ever made for this blog, #PlaylistProject!

So basically there will be several continuous fictions based on a playlist in 8tracks. I’m going to do this based on a playlist by my friend entitled ‘Things I Wish I Could Tell You’.┬áMaybe in the future I’m going to make another #PlaylistProject based on another playlist.┬áBecause this is based on playlist, so I’m going to use ‘intro’ and ‘outro’ instead of ‘prologue’ and ‘epilogue’.

Those five characters are originally made by me, I just found random pictures in Google xD And yeah I’m suck at making poster so pardon the very poor cover.

And because this is basically about teenage life so that would be mention of mild-language, smoking cigarettes, alcohol, and maybe about kissing/making out/having sex stuffs. You know that teenagers are on their most hormonal and sinful phase (just like myself LOL).

So, hope this project will be successful and hope you guys will like it ^^


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