[Drabble] Seven in The Morning





“Take a few minutes to examine his beautiful face.”




Seven in the morning.

Another cold and cozy morning of the beginning of February.

Nostrils filled with the smell of brewed coffee and baked pastries (actually not baked pastries, but microwaved pastries), also the aroma of citrus lemon air-freshener.

Index finger dancing at the edge of white porcelain cup filled with hot espresso, while dark-brown eyes stealing glances at him who’s currently reading his daily newspaper with frown on his face, an old habit whenever he sees or reads something unexpected or questionable.

Take a few minutes to examine his beautiful face.

His sharp jaw I always pepper with kisses whenever we cuddle, his dark hawk-eyes that always look at me either with loving sparks or lustful gaze, his prominent nose that I like to flick whenever he says something silly or sarcastic, his plump cherry lips that I like to kiss-

“What’s so funny?” he asks and it makes me realize that the thought of him just make me chuckle for no reason. I shake my head and he gives me questioning look before sipping his espresso. When he takes a bite of his plain croissant, I finally say,”Good morning, I love you.”





Notes :

I know, I know too much randomness in one fiction ><

I wrote this in the middle of boring Physics class and showed this to my seatmate and then we were being all giggly like a little girl had a crush for the first time LOL XD


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