25 Carols to A Winter Wonderland – Dear Santa





“Tonight I want to hear the confession that I dreamed of everyday.”




Recommended song : Girls’ Generation TTS – Dear Santa

“You are drunk, Bud.”

“Aww, don’t call me ‘bud’, Baby~”

“Better keep your mouth shut or I will shove a beer bottle down to your throat.”

“Baby, you’re so mean~”

Natasha sighed after she put down her whiny drunken best friend on her couch. He, however keep on whining about random things and laughing at himself. She went to the kitchen to get him a glass of mineral water.

“Milady~ Why do you leave me alone hereeee~ I’m scared!”

“Park Jimin, please shut the fuck up.”

“Hey, watch your language, Kid!”

Nat jumped and almost dropped the glass on the floor when he yelled at her in fury. “Seriously, Jimin?”

“I’m sorry,” oh, now he turned into a guilty little child who’s just been caught stealing sweets.

“Whatever, drink this, don’t pour it on yourself like the last time.”

Dealing with drunk Jimin wasn’t the easiest thing in Nat’s life, even though they’re being friends for a long time already. He becomes such a pain in her ass whenever he’s drunk.

“Tomorrow is Christmas, Babe~” he whined again after gulping down the water.

“Right. And instead of spending your Christmas Eve with your friends or family, why did you decide to go to some bar and get drunk?” she asked her, not really expecting a logic and sane answer because- Hey, she’s talking with a drunk person. Plus Jimin is a lightweight.

“I have many things in my mind,” he answered.

“Really? And why didn’t you just come to my place and talk about it with me?” Nat took a seat beside him.

“I couldn’t,” he shook his head, leaning his head on Nat’s shoulder. “Because those ‘many things’ are all about you.”

“What? Why me?” she frowned. “Have I done something wrong at you, Jimin?”

“No, no,” he replied. “I don’t know, Nat… I have a weird feelings at you lately.”


“Maybe I’m falling in love with my best friend.”

“What?!” she half-screamed, pushing Jimin’s head away, but it ended up falling on her lap instead. “Ha, you’re drunk. You better get some sleep-“

“No, I’m not,” he looked up at her, staring at her brown orbs dead in the eyes. “It’s been a long time since I realized that I have a different feeling towards you.”

“Well, maybe… It’s just a phase?”

“Yeah, at first I thought it’s just a phase, a normal phase in every boy-girl friendship. But the feeling never left my heart, the feeling that said I want to be more than just a friend.”

Nat sighed as a pregnant silence hung between them. “To be honest, Jimin,” she said. “I’ve ever experienced the same thing.”

“It’s just a phase, wasn’t it?”

“I tried to deny the fact that I’m in love with you,” she chuckled. “Tried to see it as ‘just a phase’, but it’s hard, you know?”

Both of them chuckled at each other’s confession. They’ve been friends since their freshman year of high school. They’ve been spending so many years of making fun of each other, bothering and teasing each other, telling dirty and weird jokes to each other, burping and farting in front of each other’s faces, stealing each other’s stuffs, and many more.

Natasha, however, never thought that she’ll fall in love with a guy who always nags at her to sleep with him whenever he’s scared to be alone, a guy who always becomes the pain in her ass whenever he comes to her place in his drunken state, a guy who always steals her food or her hoodie… She never thought that she’ll fall in love with Park Jimin.

“Can I sleep here tonight?” he asked all of a sudden. “I’m too dizzy to drive home.”

“I wouldn’t let you drive yourself home, though,” she said, ruffling his orange hair. She once said that his newly dyed hair makes him look like a walking orange fruit but tonight, she just realized that he looks kinda hot with that damn orange hair.

“Would you mad at me if I do…” he cut himself off by getting up to place a kiss on Nat’s lips. A soft, gentle kiss that proves how much he loves her. A kiss that is more than thousand love words.

“…this?” he broke the kiss and finished his words, staring at her intensely as his fingers tracing down from her cheek to her jawline.

“Uh- No, not really… I’m just… A little shocked,” Nat mentally slapped herself for being flustered and tongue-tied in front of her best friend. Wait- After all these crazy things, were they still friends?

“And, would you slap me if I ask you to be my girlfriend?” he asked again, there’s a hint of smile on his lips.

“Of course I wouldn’t,” Nat replied. “Because… I would love to.”

He let out a relieved sigh and smiled. “I’ve never seen you being a blushing mess like this, Baby~”

“Ugh, don’t baby me,” Nat gave him a disgusted look and flicked his forehead. “You better go to sleep or something-“

“Wanna cuddle and sleep with me?”

“Jimin, please…”

“I know you want it so bad, Babe. I’m the most cuddly person on Earth.”

“Say that once again and I’m going to break up with you. This is going to be the shortest relationship in the world.”

“Aww, don’t be mean, Babe~”

“Whatever, I’m done. You’re sleeping on the couch. No pillows, no blankets.”

“Oh, really?”

“Fine! Stop giving me that look, it’s nasty! You can sleep with me, but if you try to touch me, or making skin contact with me, I’m going to kick your ass.”

Well, this is gonna be the most memorable Christmas for Nat.






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