25 Carols to A Winter Wonderland – Santa Claus is Coming to Town





“He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.”




“You aren’t going to get any Christmas present from me this year,” Sehun said as Jo climbed their shared bed. “You’ve been naughty all this year.”

“Seriously, Hun? You said that as if I’m a 7 years old brat,” Jo rolled her eyes. “What kind of naughtiness I’ve been done?”

“Stole my foods, wore my clothes without permission, hogging bathroom for hours, does ignoring me during your periods count?”

“That sounds stupid,” she muttered. “Whatever, I can buy myself a present.”

“Tck, you’re no fun,” Sehun pouted. “At least beg at the Santa.”

“You want me to beg at you?” Jo gave him a ridiculous look. “Sehun, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing right now, but-“

In a second she rolled over and sat down on top of Sehun. “-I’m in.”

“You’re being naughty again,” he said, pulling Jo by her waist. “This isn’t how you beg at Santa.”

“Ha, admit it. This Santa…” she leaned down to pepper kisses along Sehun’s sharp jawline, her fingers dancing on his broad chest. “…likes bad girl.”

He rolled his eyes, but gave Jo a light pinch on her thigh anyway. “Yeah, whatever. I’m gonna fuck you anyway. I’m on top tonight, by the way… And if you’re being bad girl once again, I’ll make you sure you’re in a fucking trouble.”





Notes :

This turns semi-rated whoa something has gotten into me lately


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