25 Carols to A Winter Wonderland – My Song For You





“The snow outside will set the mood as I sing my song for you.”




Recommended song : Bridget Mendler ft Shane Harper – My Song for You

“I thought you were sleeping,” Taehyung said as he walk into our shared bedroom after working for some hours with his laptop.

“I can’t,” I answered. “I think I drank too much coffee.”

“Does that really matter?” he asked, peeking through the window. “Oh, it’s snowing outside.”

I pulled up my blanket until it reached the end of my bangs, while Taehyung is in the bathroom, brushing his teeth and washing his face. I can hear the faint sound of him humming one of his favorite song. His voice is always my favorite melody to hear. Low, husky, and calming.

“Sleep, Hyojin,” he said, walking out from bathroom and jumped on the empty space of our bed. “I don’t want to see you with those panda eyes tomorrow.”

He pulled up his blanket and turned to face me, before giving me a chaste kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, opened it again and blinked at him.



“Sing for me, would you?”

He smiled before leaning closer, let me snuggle into his chest, his body is radiating warmth. “What song?” he asked. “Whatever.”

Softly, he hummed my favorite song, a slow yet angsty song about Christmas. I don’t know if Taehyung’s also listening to this song or not, but he remembered all the lyrics and sing it well.

His low voice slowly driving me to sleep. I can’t even open my eyes before he finished the song. I heard him chuckling as he placed a kiss on the top of my head and whispering,”Goodnight, Sweetheart. Have a nice dream.”





Notes :

Coming back with my Christmas project, 25 Carols to A Winter Wonderland 😀

I expected it would be finished on January if this project is going well hehe…

So, let’s start it all with our lovely boy Kim Taehyung.

Hope ya enjoy and see ya in the next post ^^


2 thoughts on “25 Carols to A Winter Wonderland – My Song For You

  1. taehyuuuung

    ugh merinding baca ini. seriusan. entah kenapa waktu bagian taehyung gosok gigi aku jadi bayangin dia kelihatan oh-sangat-hot sambil natap cermin. guys look smoldering hot while brushing their teeth (((blah, ripenglish sori))). apalagi kerasa banget syahdu-nya waktu baca sampe selesai (halah).

    suka bangeet lah. keep writing ya!

    1. Hai, Shia!
      I kno dat feel tho cowok gosok gigi terus cuci muka abis itu liat ke cermin rambutnya basah-basah dikit UWAHAHAHAHA nikmat sekali untuk dipandang //apa
      Makasih ya udah like, baca, dan komen ^^

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